Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Television Is Dying

I am not friends with anyone who pays for Basic Cable and only one who pays for DirecTV (This is excluding the countless 40 years old and older group). On the other hand I know 15 people off the top of my head that pay for Netflix or Hulu, and many more who torrent what they want. Personally in my household we have Netflix and Hulu.

With Netflix originals now in full swing with Arrested Development, House of Cards, Bad Samaritans, and more, not to mention the slew of other content, the foreseeable futre is ripe for the youth to turn eighteen and say to hell with paying for cable, everything I want is right here on my laptop, smartphone, and/or tablet and it is significantly cheaper.

 "But nothing beats the 40+ inch screen in your living room."

Which is easily fixed with HDMI cords or another form of adapter that can be purchased even in gas stations nowadays. But beyond the middle man you have products such as Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, and WDTV Live HD which can pull from iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, MLB.TV, even live TV, and more.

The point I'm getting to here is a question with no clear answer: who is supporting basic cable/satellite/digital cable services? The older generation? Rural communities without broadband?

With nearly every aspect (plus some) available through these internet based technologies what is the point of having some annoying black wire running through your home?

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