Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration vs. Motivation vs. Dedication

Recently certain aspects of my life are becoming more and more conflicting. Hip-Hop is taking, receiving  and demanding more and more of my time, typically because I instigate it to do so. This is isn't such a bad thing because I love this life more than anyone could comprehend but there are other things I love. My lovely lady, my friends, and I like money.

So far in less than a year I have had seven big shows (that's based half off crowd numbers and half by artists and connections I've made) which is by FAR a huge jump from any previous year. I'm now working with a tight knit crew (COUCH LIFE!) and working on multiple music videos.

With that I struggle to find time for my women, and I have to pay bills so I have to find time to work. I have no time for my friends and rarely hang out unless it's Hip-Hop related. This is the "shit end of the stick" where I need to make decisions.

I honestly can't live without my girlfriend, my friends mean the world to me, and if I don't work I'm on the streets. What does that leave? Hip-Hop. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I gave up video games for it already and apparently that wasn't enough.

The hard part is that I can see just over the horizon, if I can keep increasing my network I can finally see a future where Hip-Hop is my "job" and while I won't be famous I can maybe pay bills with it. The perfect life. Hip-Hop + Christie + Friends = Happy.

So what to do?

P.S. This is the most unorganized blog post ever, more or less me typing my thoughts in and trying to sort them out and find a conclusion.

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