Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Technology Can Be Essential To Artists

Recently I purchased the over-priced, hipster logo, consumer garbage iPhone 5. I love it. Going from TracPhone's and Boost Mobile this phone is beautiful and fast. But the point that I'm getting to is not only is it fashionable when I'm taking "selfies" to show off my six-pack, it has proven to be an amazing addition to my life to relieve some of this weight.

The main feature I see is the flawless sync between my iPhone 5 (iOS 6) and my Macbook Pro (OS X 10.8.2). Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Email, and Chrome. Almost anything I do on my Mac or iPhone will appear on the other. No hassle, no issues, and no time wasted.

Calendars of course I use to plan recording time, shows, writing sessions, and more. I'm never lost with my commitments and I'm never forgetting what I had to do that day anymore.

Reminders allow me to well...make something to remind me to do something. It's useful so you don't create a hundred Calendar dates of small things (which is what I use to do). For instance: if I'm at my nine to five and I see an email come through from a producer I can't reply right then but I can quickly set a reminder so when I go home I remember to address it.

Notes is the best feature to me, I use it throughout the entire day and basically have all my little ideas or thoughts on it. One of my recent weird technology endeavours involved writing a whole song while streaming off of SoundCloud and typing the lyrics into Notes...on my phone. Of course not the best way and less convenient than on my computer but as a writer/rapper the use if it is enormous. My only issue with Notes is the lack of organization so far, I hope in the future they allow categories and things of that nature.

Email is more self explanatory than the last three so I won't waste a bunch of time explaining to you what email is. Basically I have my iCloud email, my personal GMail, and my Poetik Gmail all heading to the same place. Lovely.

Finally I want to talk about Chrome, the iOS mobile browser version. It's amazing and it can sync with your computer version and you can have all of your bookmarks wherever you go. I find this useful because some Hip-Hop websites still do not have any apps or their app is complete trash (XXL). This forces me to use the mobile site and thankfully Chrome delivers GREAT performance.

I could probably write about this all day but I can't. In conclusion I have found how much technology can be put to good use as a musician, rapper, or writer. Remember to choose similar products, if you have a Mac get an iPhone (if you really don't want a iPhone then of course Android is next best), if you have Windows get an Android phone, and when it comes to Windows Phone 8...Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat!

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