Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lessons From Blueprint, Mad Dukez, Fresh Kils Show

I'm still trying to discover exactly what this blog will be. So I'm going to try something new and post when I go through great experiences, lessons, success, and failures.

Recently I was honored to play the same show as Blueprint (of Rhymesayers), Mad Dukez, and Fresh Kils. I have to admit that it was the best show I've seen, from Journey to OFWGKTA I prefer this hometown awesomeness. I learned big lessons that will follow me throughout my life.

To begin Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils killed it, truly great music and stage presence. Fresh Kils gave me a first hand look at how the MPC can be used live effectively and how much energy it can bring. Mad Dukez flowed over it so well, I can only imagine how much practice they went through.

Blueprint rocked it of course, just having a Rhymesayers artist in Huntington was crazy enough but the fact it was Blueprint seemed unreal. His live set was so flawless, no awkward silence between tracks, utilizing a DJ, a midi controller and a keytar! There was so much energy and he kept the crowd mesmerized for what I think was two hours.

What I began to see was that I owned everything they had on stage, just in non-working condition so I'm in a rush to get this set up. Turntables (w/ mixer), MPC 1000, Macbook, midi controllers, and a eight person crew! I thought to myself "Why are we not owning Huntington, and beyond on that the fucking state!?" With B Stinky having the PA system, my gear, and things here and there from others we could set shows up anywhere and turn what usually is local dudes just rapping on stage into something that cannot be seen anywhere else in the state (or tri-state with the exception of Blueprint).

I honestly became a little depressed and upset with myself so I went home and over the past three days I have written two new songs, started into photography, delved into graffiti with more eagerness, have really started looking into production, and am re-inventing my entire live set.

So thanks to Blueprint, Mad Dukez, and Fresh Kils for coming to Slumington, WV. I know all who came to the show and some that couldn't make it are very grateful, hope to get you back here!

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