Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm going to say this once and once only because I will support anyone from West Virginia who is bringing our state to the mass media. Also I tend to dislike *most* mainstream rap simply because now it seems as if there absolutely no essence behind it. Get drunk, get high, go fuck, repeat. Hell I could take cash, clothes, hoes because it symbolized the success from nothing, the agonizing crawl from the bottom to the top.

But now where is the message? Where is the story? Where is the passion? There's no love in it.

With that being said I repeat that I will support any artist from West Virginia simply because if they "make it" it will be good for the state as a whole. I'll like their videos, promote some songs here and their, vote for them, maybe even talk them up once in awhile. But honestly and this is what it all boils down too...wait for it...fuck Huey Mack.

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