Friday, March 30, 2012

Promises To Myself I Never Keep

So I realized that I make much too many promises and commitments that I can never keep. I have had plans of an eZine, a website, shows I've booked, etc. It seems like every single time I can never follow through.

So beyond my album which I can say is coming at the pace of a slowpoke (<- BAD) I will make a list of goals with no certain time frame. Just something I can slowly work on.

Oh yeah. I'm posting them on this.

  • West Virginia HipHop/Rap eZine
  • West Virginia HipHop/Rap Website
  • Actual Posts On Blogger People Want To Read
  • High Hopes, Low Expectations
  • A Home Recording Studio
  • Figuring Out This HTIB
  • And More I Can't Think Of
And to make true on posting about topics people actually want to read. LOOK AT THIS!

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