Saturday, July 9, 2011


Google+ I.Am.On.It.

And it feels damn good. Google+ is even in beta VERY polished, reminds me of Gmail in the beginning. It has some great features:

Circles: Although a bit gimmicky it works great with quickly finding that certain someone rather than going through 500 friends. Of course Facebook has something almost exactly like this but Google+ circles feel more natural, intuitive.

Sparks: Basically liking something...but still.

Hangouts: This is the PRIME feature I believe of Google+! Video chat with any multitudes of friends! It's really a cool feature making it's debut in social networking and already Facebook is copying. Facebook just got a deal with now Microsoft owned Skype to do something similar.

Google+ Mobile: The same as any other social net. app EXCEPT chat with friends via 3G or Wi-Fi...which is something I haven't really seen in social net. apps. Also you can INSTANTLY upload photo's each time you take a picture on your phone (or possibly camera.)

This is where Google+ WILL shine: Soon most if not all Google software and products will be integrated with Google+. Gmail, Documents, Picasa, Calender, Android, Blogger, YouTube, Books, Web Search, Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, etc. etc. and with networking will come full CIRCLE.

Or at least that's the plan. Sounds great on paper.

So Google+ is still in closed beta and you need an invite and not all the features are there and some things need polished. But already it's amazing. Tomorrow I'll post some things I feel need changed.

After that...I guess we wait and see.

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