Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unemployed Awkward Hip Hop Nerd

...wait for it...JOBLESS

Well as per usual I am now unemployed. I worked at a fast food chain named Rally's. I worked most of the week for $7.25, 5 - 6 hours a day. It wasn't much but if stretched thin enough I could get by uncomfortably. Of course through my own complex internal system of bad luck my drawer was coming up short and I had no explanation as too why.

They accused me of STEALING and gave me two choices: I could wait around and be fired or I could go ahead and quit with a good reference. I quit.

Honestly I'm not upset over losing that job, it was disgusting, run down, and horribly managed. I'm talking black mold on the walls, the freezer was 20 degree's more than it should be, and hardly any of the employee's washed their hands.

So I emphasize people of Huntington, WV and outlying areas - NEVER EAT AT RALLY'S.

But with all that I guess the hunt is on for a new job. I already have 20+ applications and I'm looking for more. I will update my resume and fill them out over the weekend only so I can pass them out on Monday and hope for the best.

Maybe I can turn this into inspiration. But I also have no cigarette's so my addiction is taking over my every though process.

At least I have my health...never mind...I don't have health insurance.

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