Saturday, July 2, 2011

Big Update! Shows, Recording, EP, Features, Etc.

So I finally feel like really grind now. Honestly? 2011 - 2012 are my years! As you can see above I have a BIG show booked in August and it's the first I booked myself! Do It Your Fucking Self. Beyond that with shows I'm closing one up for Sept. that will be damn good and I hope to have some in the working for October, November, and a big show for December.

The big show for December? The Poetik EP release show! I'm finally working toward an official release. The name? High Hopes, Low Expectations. So far it's turning out great, it's already written, recording off an on, working with some great people, learning a shit ton...getting shit done.

It really is a dream come true. I could probably die happy.

Recording? Well just to keep my name in peoples mouth like Mike Jones on crack I plan to record songs I've written and don't plan to use on anything official and put them out. And with that I'm working on getting some features for the distant future album. So far it's a good friend Loki, awhile back B Rude said he would do a track with me (that's a reminder lol), Foz Rotten said he'd do a track with me (at least I think a mutual friend said he would), and hopefully a few other people.

Basically? Well I'm doing everything I can. By the way I need to buy a few things. So I'm selling a few things. Haha Get at me.

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