Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, 2012. Goodbye, 2011.

Well, 2011 is over. It was a good year! People around the world stood up and proclaimed in one voice that they are tired of the bullshit! Unfortunately the fight is not over, with NDAA and SOPA hanging over our head we still need to yell, scream, and fight here in the U.S. Never give up, the people have the power to run this country, don't hand it over!

Other than that, musically I made alot of progress. I'm still searching for my sound but I'm getting closer with each line and I seem to be writing songs in a more “refined” manner. I also booked a good few shows, each being successful, which is a big accomplishment on my part. The shows were so much fun, I had a great time...and some bad headaches. Watching all of Self Made Gang preform was awesome!

On a more national scale the music industry continues to dissapoint. With the RIAA pushing SOPA and pushing more bubblegum pop into our ears I feel a lack of “substance”. Brittany Spears makes a comeback few of us wanted, Lady Gaga is more of a Madonna rip off, Lil' Wayne is still succesful somehow (so is Drake), Gym Class Heroes just plain dissapointed me, I have no idea what the fuck Maroon 5 was thinking, Nicki Minaj is a black Lady Gaga, and I can go on and on. On an upside there are a good few surprises; Tyler, The Creator and OFWGKTA crawled from the underground to shake the norm, Jay-Z and Kanye West put out one of the most addicting albums ever, Adele is still producing amazing music that survives in this music wasteland, We got to hear two tracks from Detox that eventually got removed from Detox, Atmosphere's The Family Sign was amazing, and of course Beastie Boys made a triumphet return! and a couple more I'll not write in to save “space”.

A final note on music: the RIAA and the major labels need to learn how to REALLY integrate into the internet.

And then there was the video games! We had Mortal Kombat, Gears of War 3, Portal 2, Dues Ex: Human Revolution, Batman: Arkham City, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and my personal favorite Skyward Sword! Of this list it WOULD have been a difficult choice between Skyward Sword and Skyrim, but due to Skyrim's massive list of problems (especially on the PS3) I have to choose The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! LoZ: Skyward Sword SOMEHOW made it past Ocarina of Time on my all time favorite game. The story, the art, the controls, everything! It was to me near perfect!

On top of all that we saw the start of the eigth generation of video games begin! The Nintendo 3DS was released, then the announcment of the Wii U, and toward the end of the year the Playstation Vita! With the start of the new console wars we'll have an exciting year to look forward too!

Well I'm tired. So I guess I'll finish this up. I hope this year to post on my blog a substantial amount more, it is something I have neglected as of recent. New Year new slate eh? Hopefully by the start of 2013 I will have picked up some readers! Enjoy!

New Years resolution: Learn.

Artist I'm listening to as writing: Neil Young

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