Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mass Vegetation, Vegetable Effect

Well, here I am.

Just finished a three day stint of playing Mass Effect...the first game, yes I am behind. I have to say Bioware did an amazing job. The scope of the game is amazing! It is almost impossible to include a full description within this one blog post. 

As far as your squad I like the diversity between specialty's of each character. Not too mention the dialog is very extensive, once again the focus on detail is very much impressive. Beyond that the weapons and item's is immense! The only part of them I do not like is there is a learning curve to the buying, selling, and complete understanding of them. The worlds are detailed, the story is massive and compelling, overall this game is going up there on my list!

Bravo Bioware! Now to go back and replay Baldurs Gate!

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