Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mass Vegetation Part 2

So here we are again. After beating Mass Effect I beat Mass Effect 2. Once again BioWare blew my mind! The game is absolutely amazing although I do have a few problems with it.

The dialogue is much better with more options and deeper back story. The game is also much longer with the missions more challenging and much more to find while traveling through them. The leveling up is not something I like though, less RPG, less options, it's really a matter of taste though. The exploration is less, I enjoyed being dropped on random planets in the first to explore, now you just scan planets for minerals. Eh.

Overall a great game, it left me with a WHAT THE FUCK at the end, in a good way. Oh well, I have a year or so till the next one. Good thing I got plenty of games to keep me occupied till then.

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