Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marriage Marriage Marriage

So with the recent development of President Barack Obama declaring his support of the LGBT right to be married and the North Carolina amendment being passed I felt the need to "give my two cents". First off I wish to express my belief that the LGBT community deserves the same exact rights as any heterosexual but because of religion there will always be controversy over this. I think the first step is understanding the history of marriage.

And now for this: the history of marriage pre-dates anything from reliable sources (often meaning there is less than a few accounts). It is a known fact that marriage has been used as (and socially accepted) as a financial action, strictly as a way to ensure a persons ability to mate from one source, as a way for family's to ensure their children continue their parents idea of the "family legacy", and as a lasting bond between two (sometimes more) people and God.

Throughout history and recently marriage has been used as a form of political gain and entertainment. Political gain is obvious, from the past Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses have married other's of similar titles or nobles because it was what was expected. Recently you can see politicians marry other politicians or those from a recognizable political family to please their constituents and voters. Then from entertainment where certain industry's (music, film, etc.) arrange a marriage between social icons to generate publicity.

I would also like to highlight marriage being used as a financial action. Through recorded history suitors would offer some form of monetary gain to receive the family's daughter hand in marriage. Jumping to the present you can see what society has deemed as "golddiggers" or a person pursuing marriage with someone of wealth so they can receive some benefit or livelihood.

So with that being said I would like to state that personally I believe the "sanctity" of marriage is gone and has been gone long before the push for LGBT rights. In fact I think allowing the LGBT community to marry could even strengthen the image of "love until death do us part".

Of course there will always be those who oppose and will push against this. Whether it be religion, bigotry, or there self-made morals...basically bigotry. There is only one way to solve this, let the LGBT community marry. But there is another quick fix to ease people into the thought, or move further into a "streamlined" society.

Civil Union. Remove the word "Marriage" from the law-books and make so everyone has a Civil Union by law, and if they still wished to have a religious ceremony or "Marriage" they can. Seems simple, everyone is equal. The only problem with is people will always have something to complain about.

Maybe in the near future I'll make a post as to why the LGBT community should have the right to get married.

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