Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Project, Recording, More Shows

So I am starting a new project in the hopes of furthering the West Virginia Hip-Hop scene! ...wait for it...A PODCAST! My thought is this: radio is dead/dying and technology is ever growing by leaps and bounds everyday. A still growing and already popular format is podcasts and I have yet to see Hip-Hop REALLY embrace this.

So what I am starting is named "Yeah, It's Hip-Hop!" What this podcast will feature AT FIRST (hint,hint) is local WV Hip-Hop acts. Emcee's, DJ's, Graffiti artists, Breakers/Dancers, fashion designers, promoters, etc. And will hopefully be one episode a week with the first episode August 6th! I have alot planned out for it and I am still planning.

I will have this promoted throughout the net, some sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Live From The Dub, Hip-Hops Revival, and WVRapScene. And will be working CLOSELY with Hip-Hops Revival.

I think you can expect alot from this. Be excited.

Now for some recording news. It's going slow. Being jobless and with all these ideas not too mention other personal issues my time is constrained. Hopefully recording will pick up later this week. For my album I am currently working on a feature with CMooreDollaz.

Finally shows. I have two new shows announced that I booked with one show I am in the process of booking and another I am not booking and waiting for some information. I'll post the flyer and information for both in separate posts.

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